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We asked a few successful dance teachers in the US what their experience has been with teaching Bharatanatyam there. They have learnt Bharatanatyam for many years in India before they moved to the US and began teaching children there. This mont...

Deepthi: How and when did your journey Yoga start?

Arun: I was weak as a child so I was suggested to take up yoga to improve my health and strength. After 2 years, I went to BKS iyengar’s student Ajith kumar (Rashtrothana). I was very inspired by Ajith Kumar and the BKS...

June 21, 2017

Rain, by nature, makes one travel back in time. The smell, the way it moistens everything it comes in contact with, the sound of the trickle hitting the window sill, and the very sight of the droplets dancing down on the palm instantly unpacks the child in us. On this...

(Compiled by Nkmweb team)

“Aasyenaath Aalambayeth geetham, Hastena Artham Pradarshayeth”.

Hasta plays a vital role in communicating the meaning of any dance. There are specific hand
gestures to represent a wide array of concepts ranging from simple inanimate objects to

April 20, 2017

“My Guru slapped me after I won the Padma Bhushan”

So read the headlines of an article expressing the concerns of Guru Sonal Mansingh. And
naturally the sense of shock and curiosity egged me on to read on. The article speaks about the
changing trends in the Indian class...

February 21, 2017

Editor’s note – the best part about discussions with Bhanu mam is the reflection of her
conviction towards art and dance in every word she speaks! She is a Guru who is an embodiment
of humility. Surely, it is this trait and her childlike innocence that captures the hea...

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