​तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः


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Savitha is one of the senior students of Nrityakalamandiram who has been a part of its performing group since 2000, and has hence travelled all over India and abroad with the troupe. She is a graduate from The Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography and also performs as part of other well-known dance troupes in Bangalore. She is a professional makeup artist and is sought by many artists in Bangalore. She has been teaching students in our institution since 2000.


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Vandana is a bright performer and has given numerous performances individually and with the group. She has a keen interest in teaching and is pursuing the same in our institution. She is a software engineer by qualification. She has also completed her Masters of Fine Arts from Kalaikaviri University, and is undergoing training in Nattuvangam. She has been with Nrityakalamandiram since 2004


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Preethi is a versatile performer who has training in Bharatanatyam as well as contemporary style dance. She is also a choreographer who has many group productions in various schools, colleges, NGOs and many others to her credit. As a freelance performer, she has performed as part of various other successful groups all over India and abroad. She has completed Masters of Fine Arts from Kalaikaviri University and is undergoing advanced training in Nattuvangam. She has been in Nrityakalamandiram since 1997.


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Madhulika has completed Master of Arts in Bharatanatyam in Jain University and is pursuing her M.Phil there. She is a talented young dancer and also a skilled compere. She has keen academic interest in the line of performing arts and has worked on academic projects apart from performances and productions as part of Jain university and also the institution’s group. She is seeking training in Natyashastra techniques. She has been with the institution since 2003.